Which BluMaan product is right for my hair?

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Hi, I am very pleased that you guys offer such a larger range of products. I need your help deciding the right product for me. I have used Gels in the past, although i can touch my hair without feeling the grease but in long terms its not good as it drys your hair. I am currently using water based Pomade, but i find it very greasy, also sometimes i like to touch my hair push it back or play with it and find it very greasy. No thats no good for me too. I have thick dark hair around… Read more »

Stephen Lee

Hi Ammar, Thanks for the kind words! I really think with what you’ve told me, you will really like using hybrid. But not only hybrid, I really feel like you should combo our product to really achieve what you’re looking for. A pre-style like Original Styling Meraki will really set the foundation and tone of your hair. Though it is a wax, it applies really easy with damp hair. Post-styling with Hybrid is super easy and it’s a cream clay and what that will do is keep everything in place. What’s great about hybrid is that it can help you… Read more »


Hello there !

“If you’re unhappy with the results, you’ll be one step closer to the perfect product for your style. Good luck!”

And around 20+€ less in my pocket. I mean no offense, but product cost is quite high (but it’s quality so it’s okay) and the delivery cost can be high too if you’re not in US, let’s say Europe 😀

Knowing which product would work before buying would be great. Especially if you can be quite short on money.

Have a great day !

Stephen Lee

Hey Arthur!

You definitely have a good point. Not everyone has the money for it and buying excessive amounts of products will only be money down the drain. We try and do our best to inform you how the product works through constant reviews and use by Joe and people who review the products. But at the end of the day sometimes with all the knowledge you have you still have to take a risk and make a decision.

Thanks for commenting 🙂


Arthur the reason it is so highly priced is because it is a very high end and great product. A lot of videos of these products people have left amazing reviews and recommend it to everyone.


Fifth sample is the one many of us are waiting to see again in the lineup.

Easy with the perfume scents too, Mr. Joe, avoid making us smell like old ladies; the last realease was a let-down for this very reason.

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