Changes to BluMaan International Shipping

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please fix this fast, i live in India.


I order my product 2 months ago, then you gave me a reshipment on 6 march, and I’m waiting, is it on its way or not?

Ryan Longley

Hows about not putting the price paid on the packaging as it then leads to me paying customs tax, thats why i dont buy as much no more


Sorry to hear this. Among severeal brands this one had the cheapest international shipping price. that thing was a huge differencial when I chose your product to give a try. Now is as iqual as other hundred brands. the whole process has become pricey. I really like your product, but I guess my next purchase will be a cheaper one on Ebay.


When we get shipping in india 🇮🇳
In Slikhar web page there was BluMaan hair clay available to shipped in india 🇮🇳 but this BluMaan officials page they are doing lot of problem shipping in india 🇮🇳 sloved please do your best BluMaan Support💙🧡❤️


I know it says that the change will/has gone into effect on September 24,2017, so I was wondering if you meant orders placed before that date or if you mean this upcoming September?


Please start shipping to India. We are a group of friends interested in blumaan products but no international shipping to India is really very disappointing. Please fix it very soon Blumaan team. Cheers!

Utkarsh singh

Please get these products in India,,We need these products ..


We’re working towards that. Stay tuned!


Hey y’all. Dear BluMaan Team, I am currently in Kuwait. May I know why is it that Kuwait is in your list of stopped-shipping countries? ARAMEX courier here is doing great for worldwide shipments. FYI.


Hey! With our previous shipping methods, we shipped all packages out via the United States Postal Service rather than through a private courier. Packages shipped to certain countries under their local postal services got lost, especially in our currently cut countries. We will soon reopen shipping for countries as we collect more data with that shipping methods we’re using now.


Any chance you re-start shipping to Chile soon ?


We’re working towards re-opening shipping to the temporarily cut countries, but we’re first collecting more data as we make international shipments with our recent shipping changes first.

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